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General Information


Workplace Violence

3 Rs of Workplace Violence
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Workplace Hazards

Indoor Air Quality
Infectious Diseases
Slips Trips and Falls


Collective Bargaining
Golden Horseshoe Health and Safety
Ministry of Labour (MOL) News
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Useful Links

HS Links

  • Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)
  • Make it Our Business – Domestic Violence
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Workers Health and Safety Centre
  • Workers Health and Safety Centre (WHSC)

As a worker in Ontario you have a general duty to take responsibility for personal health and safety, which means you should not behave or work in a way that would endanger yourself or others. Specific duties listed under Section 28 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act include the reporting of any known workplace hazard or violation of the Act to the employer or supervisor. Your supervisor is your Principal.

In turn, your employer the school board and the competent supervisor your principal have a duty to investigate and deal with your concern. Completing the reports can be simple and quick. When you spot a workplace hazard, take the time to report it.

Unsure of the process or which reports are available for you to report your concern or incident on? CLICK the links at the bottom of the page for additional information and resources.

What Type of Accident/Injury should Be Reported?

All accidents/injuries/near misses/attempts to injure that occur at work or during your work should be reported regardless of mitigating factors.

Not all workplace accidents/injuries/near misses/attempts result in a WSIB claim. The employer is only required to report your injury to the WSIB if there is lost time or health care as a result of your injury.

Duty to Report

Under the Canada Labour Code, workers have a duty to report all work-related accidents, occupational diseases or other hazardous occurrences that have caused injury to the employee or any other person.

When Should You Report?

You should complete and submit a report to the employer immediately or as soon as possible following the incident. In addition to the responsibility to report, the Occupational Health and Safety Act also outlines the workers responsibility to seek first aid right away and file a claim for workplace insurance benefits promptly when more than first aid treatment/advice is needed.